Jaylaquisha's bucket list

April 2014

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Crater Lake, Oregon USA 1

Crater Lake was created by physical weathering, when a big meteorite crashed down on the Earth. Gravity caused the big meteorite to crash down in Oregon forming a huge crater. Over many years, the lake filled with water from rain and a from small streams, that filled the crater with water and eventually turned into a lake. I would try to swim to the island in the middle of the big crater so I can see what type of wildlife lives in this environment.
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Niagara Falls, New York USA 2

Was created by physical weathering, because water over millions of years has broken down the rock and created the beautiful sight. Then erosion took the sediment down the falls and deposited it at the bottom of the falls. They have ferries that will take you by the falls. I would take one of the ferries and go under the fall
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Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona USA 3

This canyon was formed by physical weathering. Over millions of years the Colorado River and wind erosion have broken down this canyon to turn it in to what it is today. is about 277 miles long and about a mile deep. I would love to hike down in the canyon on one of the many trails that the Grand Canyon has to offer.
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Palo Duro canyon national park, Texas USA 4

The Palo Duro Canyon was formed from millions of years of physical weathering and erosion. Wind, loose sediment, and gravity have broken down the walls of the Palo Duro Canyon to make it what it is today. I would love to climb up on one of the many mushroom rocks located in this region.
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Blue hole, Belize 5

This hole, digging into the ocean floor, was caused by physical weathering. Over millions of years, water has dug it way through ocean floor and created the blue hole. gravity has pulled rocks and loose sediment to the bottom of the hole. Some day I want to sky dive down by the blue hole then go diving all the way to the bottom.
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