Candy Dispenser

Casey Loftin

Define the problem

To create a candy dispenser that can dispense two types of candy at the same time.

Research the problem

To research the problem I found other products on the market currently and took the best ideas from each of these.

Develop possible solutions

These are the designs that I came up with after researching.

Choose the best solution

After much deliberation I decided to go with the pull design due to ease and as little possible issues as possible.

Create a prototype

I used Google sketchup to create a prototype of my design shown here.

Test and evaluate

To test this product I presented my design to an expert in the field due to the lack of funds to create a physical prototype.


For this section of the design process I presented my design to my peers to see how they liked my design.


For this section of the design process I will use the feed back given to me by my peers in order to make this product work as well as possible