Transportation and Machines Evolve

Improvements in Transportation

Throughout the 19th century transportation became better. Before walking would be the way to travel anywhere. That all changed when the railroad system,and steamboats where made. What the railroad system did the steamboat did that just over water. The first steamboat was made by Robert Fulton in 1807 according to google.
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Developments in Manufacturing and Industry

During the 19th most stuff was produced by plants and was made by hand which took very very long. Then people started to create machines which made everything go by faster and easier. Also the industry started to rise because the economics were working good.

Working Conditions of Factories

Since the rise of machines and new transportation ways many people risked their lifes in the factories. Many of the working had injuries that usually costed in death or serious injuries. It was hard working in that factories,but it was a way of getting money. One event was,Excerpt from a Letter from Mary Paul, Lowell mill girl, December 21, 1845 when it said,"Last Thursday one girl fell down and broke her neck, which caused instant death."