Panama Capital CIty: Panama City By: Blake and Conner


Located in Central America

Borders: Columbia and Costa Rica

Panama Canal is located in the midsection of Panama where it gets very thin.


The stars and quarters are said to stand for the rival political parties and the white for peace in which they operate. Blue was the color of the conservatives, and red the color of the liberals.
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1 US dollar is equal to 1 Panamanian balboa


3,608,431 people living currently in Panama


Type of Government: Unitary Presidential Constitutional Republic

Leader/President: Juan Carlos Varela

Vice President: Isabel Saint Malo

Cultural Activities

Official National Sport: Baseball with soccer/futbol being a close second.

El Tanborito is a typical dance in Panama that involves costumes and is religious.

Martyrs' Day is a famous holiday in Panama which commemorates the January 9, 1964 riots over sovereignty of the Panama Canal Zone.


Bistec Picado- Chopped beefsteak

Ropa Vieja: Shredded flank steak in a tomato sauce

Sancocho: Meat stew

Patacones: Unripe plantains with oil

Taboga Island

First settled by the Spanish in 1515, Taboga Island has a charming village with the second-oldest church in the western hemisphere, a few narrow streets with a few restaurants and great views to Panama City from the top of the Island.
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Panama Canal

The Panama Canal stands as one of the world’s greatest feats of engineering. Visitors can take either a partial or complete crossing of the canal. Crossings take four to eight hours. Visitors can watch transiting vessels in the canal below.
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The waters of Panama are unmatched in their level of marine diversity, and nowhere is this more evident than in the Coiba National Marine Park. The island of Coiba is the largest island in the park, as well as the largest island in all of Central America. More than 800 species of marine life are present in the area. The park is known as one of the best places to enjoy snorkeling.
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