Röntgen's Radiating X-RAY!

The most bone-shaking machine since 1895!


Have you broken a bone lately? Is your back feeling a bit twisted? If so then Röntgen Radiators introduce to you, the first ever x-ray machine! The only product that can look through your flesh and photograph your bones! Yes, it can take almost anything opaque and make it transparent in a photograph! And yes, you'll still stay alive when taking the picture! Here's how it works, a photographic plate will use the new x-ray technology, also known as radiation, to take a picture of your bones. The best part is, all you have to do is just stand and sit still! You've got to use this product! Half of Germany already is! It's an easy, simple way to see if something has been fractured or broken apart in your body! And, you can take the photograph anywhere! Everyone is already checking out their bones right now and you just can't be the last one! Come and check yourself out, with only the small cost of a doctor's office visit!

Below we have displayed pictures of two places where x-ray machines are used and what the machine looks like!


We've all heard of the x-ray but, what does it really do? Well, as explained above, it basically takes a picture of you while laying down or standing, etc. Then, it uses the x-ray technology and radiation to transform the opaque image into a completely transparent one!

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, x-rays were used just as they are today. Due to x-rays, people back then could identify problems with bones and muscles within minutes just like today! Now, we even use x-rays to do security checks of bags and people at airports and other places. X-ray technology has drastically changed the medical and science fields. Overtime, the machine has improved and evolved to meet and match the growth of other technology.

I used the Bandwagon technique for this poster because I felt that some other ones wouldn't fit as well. For example, I probably wouldn't be able to give a faulty cause and effect due to the fact that x-rays can really only help you. A jingle felt a little cliche which I try to steer clear from anyways. There aren't any products to compare this with and almost everyone uses an x-ray so a famous person wouldn't change influences that much. Plus, the fact that everyone actually does use this makes Bandwagon an obvious option because it's true.