Pop Art Exhibition

Exeter Phoenix

Exeter Phoenix is holding it's famous annual art exhibition and this year's theme is Pop Art! Featuring new artists such as Pinktongue Flybottom and Bilbo Baggins, this year is a promising new horizon for new technologies, such as photoshop and fireworks.

Pop Art Exhibition

Wednesday, Jan. 9th 2013 at 7:30pm

Exeter, United Kingdom

Exeter, England

RSVP required, (we need a headcount for champagne and canapes). Each artistic piece is valued from £600 onwards, as these are stunning and potentially culture changing pieces.
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What IS Pop Art?

Pop Art is a style of modern art that uses the images of mass-production and ordinary type objects such as household products, then are distorted or transformed using various artistic techniques. Pop Art was developed mostly in the 1950's and originated in the U.S.A.

Andy Warhol- The KIng of Pop Art

  • The famous king of Pop Art was without a doubt Andy Warhol, who surprisingly started out by making films. His very first movie was called ‘Sleep’ and it was 6 hour long "masterpiece" of his friend sleeping. Nine people attended premiere. Seven of them stayed and watched the movie. Two of them left within the first hour. He created at least 60 movies including Kiss, Blowjob, Eat, Shoulder, Couch, Face, Kitchen, Horse, Suicide, Drink, Closet, Sunset, and Bitch.
  • Andy almost died when he was shot three times in the chest by Valerie Solanis. Valerie was an ardent feminist and one of many who thought Warhol was abusive and controlling.
  • In high school, the art club excluded Warhol because he was better than the other members.
  • Warhol opened "The Factory" in 1962. "The Factory" was an art studio where Warhol employed workers to produce his work as prints and posters, mostly using the silkscreen technique. His art became a mass production, just like the many images he used within his work.

So Andy Warhol was an interesting person for sure! Your typical quirky artist.

Roy Lichtenstine

Roy Lichtenstein is known for his pop art and his participation in the new art movement with Andy Warhol and other artists.

He died of pneumonia on September 29th 1997.

His own developed technique was called "benday dots"

His most famous piece was "WHAAM!" -a comic book style picture.

Pinktongue Flybottom

Also known as Charlotte Jackson, is a photoshop Pop Artist, whose work we shall be showing at the Exhibition.

Charlotte grew up in the South of France, and is fluent in both English and French

She idolises Marilyn Monroe.