Ferdinand Magellan

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  • He was born in Porto or Sarbrosa, circa in 1480

  • Magellan became a page for the queen at age 10

  • He died in April, 1521
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Achievements and/or Discoveries

  • He discovered Magellan's strait at the tip of south america

  • He led the voyage that was the first to circumnavigate the globe

  • He proved that america was not the eastern tip of Asia

  • He explored some of Malacca in present day Malaysia


  • Magellan helped connect the world by discovering new trade routes

  • He helped lengthen our knowledge of the world, or people might have still thought the land Columbus found was Asia.

  • He helped bring much wealth to his country by almost bringing back spices and making a lot of money. (which the remainder of his crew did after he died close to finishing his journey)

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Ferdinand Magellan