The Bunny and Fish


Once there was a bunny who had a best friend who was a fish. The bunny could go and swim with the fish in the water. The fish longed to go on land with his friend and explore. Bunny knew that the fish longed to go on land, so one day Bunny found a plastic ball that he could fill with water and his friend fish could get inside. "I've found a plastic ball that you can fill with water, so you can come on land" said the bunny. The fish was hesitant at first but agreed to go.

Once they finally got the fish in the ball, Bunny shoed the fish his house. "I love your house" the Fish exclaimed. As they were walking they heard mean snarls from a bears. They ran and ran from the bear until they got back to Bunny's house, in that moment Fish realized how good he had it in water, so from that day forward the fish longed no more to be on land.

You never know how good you have something untill its gone.