Neal Shusterman

Setting: location

Our story is located in suburban Ohio in the near future.

Quote that support is "Ariana's house is a twenty-minute walk if you take the conventional route, suburban Ohio neighborhoods never have streets that go in straight lines"

-Unwind pg#8 by Neal Shusterman

Song: Back to the future

Every day’s a new beginning

That’s what I stand for
Since our possibilities
In a world out of control

You’re looking for a miracle
To spray the air feel the rain
Since you’re out of control
Married to pain

Which way forever
Which way will I go
Which way forever
There’s no heroes

We chose this song because this shows that this is a bad place where all hope seems to be dispelled.

Setting:Time Period

The time period of our book is the future.

Quote " Look at this!" says Lev. "A newspaper, how retro is that?"

-Unwind by Neal Shusterman pg. #57

Song: Radioactive by: Imagine Dragons


We chose this because these lyrics represent a futuristic dystopia similar to the time period of unwind. The time period of the book is considered a dystopian society because Children that aren't wanted may be executed if they aren't befitting society.


We think that the author is trying to impell the atmosphere of betrayal. We feel this way because all of the kids were betrayed by their parents ,and because Lev betrayed Risa and Connor. We think the author chose this because it would make the reader feel the pain of the characters and make us dislike the people who hurt the main characters.

Quote:"How could have she been so naïve to think he was on their side." Shusterman pg 85 We chose this quote because this I when Lev betrayed Connor and Risa.

Song :We used to be friends

We chose this song because it talks about the singer being close to someone but now that hey were betrayed they want nothing to do with them. Just like in the book with Connor and his parents. Some lyrics that express this are" We used to be friends a long time ago" because it shows that the singer was betrayed and doesn't want to go back to the person in relation to the characters in the book.

We Used To Be Friends-The Dandy Warhols [Official Lyric Video] HD


The main conflict is the kids trying to escape the whole of society to avoid being dismantled better known as unwound.

Quote:"Running away is the only way to save my life" Shusterman pg 9

Song: Last Goodbye By David Buckly

We chose this song because it is about leaving and not seeing your loved ones again which happens in unwind when they are taking to the harvest camp to get their lives stolen out from under them and not being able to do anything about it. Some specific lyrics that express this are "this is our last good bye" we say this because the kids cant go back.

Scarlett Johansson - Last Goodbye with Lyrics (Jeff Buckley cover)