Kingdom News

Linda King, JCMES 1st grade

Class News

This week we have been learning about a "famous" Virginian, Maggie Walker. Until she was added to our curriculum, I had never heard of her. Hopefully, your child will be able to tell you that she lived about 100 years ago. She was born in Richmond to poor parents, but she was a hard working, intelligent woman. She was the first African-American woman in the United States to open a bank. Mrs. Clemens and I worked together to write a rap about her achievements. Watch for an upcoming video of our class performing it!

Our newest Number Masters!!

Still working on this....

Each child needs to be able to count from 1 to 110 by 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s. They also need to be able to count back from 30 down to 0. If your child has not yet mastered this, please practice. It is something that can be done while in the car!


Coming home on Friday...

Since you can no longer see what grades I am entering in one place, I will be sending home interims with each child on Friday. After you've looked over it, if you have any questions, please let me know.