Kaika Islands

Tyan Island

Kaika Islands would be glad if you came to the islands. There are many great things to do and see. You could see the volcanoes, mountains, and then visit the beach. If you are a newlywed then visit Tyan Island. You can get couples messages, candle light picnics on the beach.

Jema Island

The main island is Jema Island. Jema Island was named after Jenna Hardy because if you combind the two n's then it looks like an m. Jema Island offers great prices and family freindly staff.

Ohpat island

Ohpat island offers many different great prices and great wifi reciption. They also have the best food out of all the islands. Ohpat Island offers a day with free starbucks.

Ohmy Island

Ohmy Island offers many great prices with over night stays. If you are taking a crusie around the Kaika Islands then you would get on the boat at the Ohmy Island. There is a beach all the way around the island.