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Think, Innovate, Create

September 16, 2016

What's new?

September is off to a great start! Learners enjoyed their first Pep Rally of the year, and many of them have been getting involved in PRS activities. Community 3 friends have been spotted at PRS football games, volleyball matches, and cross-country meets! The learners and Lead Learners are all looking forward to our upcoming field trip to the Alabama Shakespeare Festival to see "Charlotte's Web." Each class either has already or soon will be reading the novel, as well. We are excited to see how they compare!

As we are preparing for this field trip, some of our patriots are not able to attend for financial reasons. If you would like to donate to the Field Trip Scholarship Fund, please let your lead learner know by sending in your money this Monday (labeled for the Field Trip Scholarship Fund). Any donations are appreciated!

Math fun

This week in math, your child has been focusing on subtracting numbers within 1,000. Learners have also worked with problems that involve regrouping! Throughout the year, we will continue cycling back to addition and subtraction as we build up to multiple-step word problems.

Our next focus is shifting to multiplication. We will be learning strategies to multiply, such as repeated addition, making equal groups, creating arrays, and skip counting. Learners will also need to understand that multiplication is a comparison. For example, 20 is 5 times as many as 4 and 4 times as many as 5. Be on the lookout for more information and help needed for Multiplication Sundaes. This is great motivation for learners to develop automaticity with their multiplication facts!

You can view our Math standards at: http://alex.state.al.us/standardAll.php?grade=3&subject=MA2015&summary=2. This will give you an idea of the material we will be covering over the course of this year.

Literacy corner

C3 Learners have been busy writing! Our focus in the past few weeks has been on the process of writing, what writers “do” when they write. We have talked about why writers write, how writers get their ideas, and the different things we do with our writing from start to finish. Learners have been brainstorming different writing topics, drafting various pieces in their writing folders and sharing those ideas and drafts with their peers. The “process of writing” will guide us throughout the year, as we weave in the different types of writing (narrative, opinion, and informational) and various craft lessons to continually strengthen the different things we write.

In reading we have been looking at the structure of stories, focusing on plot. Learners have been analyzing stories to find the sequence of events, problem, and resolution. We will continue this, but our focus will shift to plays and scripts and how they are structured differently.

The English Language Arts standards for our grade level can be found at: http://alex.state.al.us/standardAll.php?grade=3&subject=ELA2015&summary=2.

Project time

After several weeks of studying about our continents and oceans, we will begin introducing our first project "From Seed to Table." Learners will be exploring the question, "What will it become?". We will be planting a cabbage garden. Our goal with the project is to use this garden to improve academic achievement, promote healthy lifestyles, encourage community involvement, social development, and connect to the natural world. This project will offer different opportunities depending on each individual learner's curiosity to explore a certain aspect of our garden Learner will have different milestones during each phase of the project. We encourage you to ask your learners about this project to help us expand their curiosity. We ask for your support in this exciting time by sending in a concrete block or $2. This will help us as we are stirring curiosity, making learning authentic, and being innovative!

FreshGrade ALERT!


By now you should have received access to your child's FreshGrade account. If you have not received access, please contact your child's homeroom teacher, and she will be able to assist you. With this being said, your child will be learning how to upload his or her own work to FreshGrade.... PLEASE be patient with us as this may take some time. :)

Latest from the Lunchroom

The ala carte menu for the Snack Store in the cafeteria for the week of 9/19:

MONDAY: Papa John's Pizza (pepperoni and a limited supply of cheese only) $4.00

TUESDAY: Slushy $1.25

WEDNESDAY: Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich $3.75 OR Combo (Sandwich with snack and small water or milk) $5.00

THURSDAY: Slushy $1.25

FRIDAY: Chick-Fil-A Sausage Biscuit at breakfast $3.00

Please take a moment to discuss with your learner what ala carte items you approve of him or her purchasing each week. You can view their purchases and add money to their accounts online at http://PayPAMS.com.

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Upcoming Dates

Sat ,Sep 17 Cross Country - Prattville Lions:

Mon ,Sep 19 04:30 PM JV Volleyball @ Park Crossing with SouthsideMS Volleyball @ Catholic with ACA

Mon ,Sep 19 05:00 PM JV Football @ Tallassee

Mon ,Sep 19 PTSA Cookie Dough Orders Due

Tue ,Sep 20 05:00 PM JV Volleyball vs. Auburn

Thu ,Sep 22 05:30 PM MS Volleyball @ Eclective with PCA

Sat ,Sep 24 JV Volleyball vs. Providence Christian Tournament

Mon ,Sep 26 Spirit Day at Cucos - Lunch and Dinner

Tue ,Sep 27 Spirit Week - Camo Day

Tue ,Sep 27 JV Football @ Reeltown

Wed ,Sep 28 Spirit Week - Crazy Hat/Sock Day

Wed ,Sep 28 05:30 PM JV Volleyball @ Auburn with Brookstone

Thu ,Sep 29 Spirit Week - Favorite Team Day

Fri ,Sep 30 12:00 AM Spirit Week - Tacky Day

News from the PTSA

We encourage ALL of our parents to join the PTSA! Each Lead Learner has joined already. Invite grandparents, neighbors, and community members to join and support PRS. The PTSA does a great deal of fantastic things for our school.

Now's the time to join! Find the membership form here:
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Important Information

Our Vision

Our students are lifelong learners who use their knowledge, skills,

and influence to make the world a better place.

Our Mission

To create a culture of intellectual curiosity where all students

have ownership over their learning and are inspired

to think, innovate, and create.

School Hours

Students may be dropped off beginning at 7:30.

Bell rings at 8:00.

Dismissal begins at 3:00.

School Address

500 Avenue of Learning Pike Road, AL 36064

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