Kokanee Library Newsletter

April 2016

Thank you for another great Book Fair!

Thank you teachers (and to your students) for another great book fair! We had a lot of good books this semester and I hope your students enjoyed the festivities. It is always a stressful and exciting time for me so I wanted to say thank you for making it a smooth and easy process!

And the Winner is...

For the first two weeks in April, students in grades 1-3 were invited to vote for their favorite picture book nominated for the Washington Children's Choice Award. Likewise, students in grades 3-6 were able to vote for their favorite book for the Sasquatch Award. The winners listed below are based on Kokanee students votes only. The State winners will be announced in May.

Kokanee's Children Choice Winner!

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Kokanee's Sasquatch Winner!

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April is Poetry Month!

The library will be celebrating poetry month by focusing lessons on poetry in April and May. Students will learn about different types of poetry and have the opportunity to create and share their own poetry in a Poetry Slam! Feel free to contact your library teacher for more information and how we can incorporate poetry appreciation in your classroom!

Technology Tips!

Thanks for Reading!