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November 11, 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to Mountain View High School. Home of the Mountain Lion. Our motto is: PRIDE!

Be Present
Show Respect
Get Involved
Honor Diversity
Give Effort

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Thank You Veterans

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No School ~ November 25th thru the 27th

There will be no school for the Thanksgiving break.



Senior pictures and quotes are Due THIS WEDNESDAY, November 11th, and Senior Baby Ads are due THIS SUNDAY, November 15th.

Go to and scroll down to "Yearbook." You can do everything you need to do here, including purchase your yearbook.



All students should be aware that MVHS and TSD are actively monitoring the use of district-issued technology, software, and programs. Students may face disciplinary consequences as a result of their inappropriate use of technology hardware and software. This includes use both on school grounds as well as use off of school grounds.


For appropriate health and safety protocols and for contact tracing, students must choose a location for lunch and once selected, they are expected to stay at that location throughout lunch. For example, if a student is staying in the cafeteria, they must select a seat and remain there until the end of lunch. If a student elects to eat outdoors or off-campus, they will not be allowed back into the building until lunchtime is complete. All students must complete either a QR code tracking for outside/off-site lunch OR have contact tracing completed by a staff member in the cafeteria/cafeteria hallway. NO students may be permitted to eat in the classroom or FTLA areas of the building at this time.


Due to having three different attendance scenarios each week for each student, this brings challenges in understanding how attendance is taken and recorded. This information is meant to clarify how attendance is being taken, and as always teachers mark this attendance each day; therefore, all questions about attendance marking and what work students need to complete to be considered "present" should be directed to the classroom teacher first.

For In-Person A or B days

If a student is NOT in class, they are marked absent. If a student is absent due to quarantine as deemed appropriate by school officials, the classroom teacher may mark them present/remote if they attend class remotely or complete classwork.

For Asynchronous A or B days

Students are required to complete the "must-do" work in order to be marked present; failure to complete "must-do" work, as assigned by the teacher, will result in the student being marked 'absent - unexcused' for that class period. Teachers have one week to change this attendance marking as they complete grading tasks. It is not intended that a student has one week to do this work; instead, the "must-do" work is due ON the asynchronous day.

For Synchronous Wednesdays

Students are required to log onto the class for full 30-45 minutes as required by the teacher, and they must participate fully in the class discussion or activities. If an absence is necessary on Wednesday, the student will be marked 'absent' and will then work directly with their teacher to complete any missing work from this class period to be marked "present remote" within one week of the absence.

Please be sure to direct all questions about this to the individual teacher prior to contacting the attendance office or your assistant principal.

We Need to Hear from You!

We want to hear from our families and community members about how we are doing, both from an individual school perspective and throughout the entire district.

You feedback is vital, even if you do not have children in our district

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Mrs. Holland's Freshman Seminar Class Wins the Melvin Cup for October

All 14 seminar classes compete with grades, attendance, participation and mini competitions (like Steal the Bacon). Congratulations to October's winner - Mrs. Holland's Not Fast Just Furious Falcons!!

Mrs. Holland's A Day MVP - Emma Manning

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Mrs. Holland's B Day MVP - Tori Norman

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LUC Club

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FASFA Information Night

FAFSA Information Night

November 18, 2020

5 - 6:30 p.m.

Learn about FAFSA:

What it is and what it isn't. The 45-minute presentation will be followed by an opportunity to ask questions.

Contact Tyler Schlagel, TSD Career and College Coordinator, for more information.


Google Meets:

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Each week we will be spotlighting staff at Mountain View. This week we will introduce PE and Social Studies Departments.

Physical Education

Scott Barker ~ Physical Education Teacher/Head Wrestling Coach

This is Mr. Barker's 21st year at Mountain View High School. He is located in A107. He is willing to try to help you with anything!

Mr. Barker says "Finally being In-Person again. Here's to the "Old Normal!"

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Jill Fitzpatrick - PE Teacher; Volleyball and Unified Coach

This is Ms. Fitzpatrick's 2nd year at Mountain View High School. You will find her in the gym and she will help you with all things FUN!!

"There are so many awesome students and staff members here. I love that I get the chance to work with an amazing department, and I get to help with volleyball and Unified basketball. I most look forward to seeing how much we will all grow this year despite the challenges 2020 gave us."

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Steve Frye - PE/Health/Seminar Teacher

This is Mr. Frye's 2nd year at Mountain View High School. He is located in Room A131 and he has a very strong desire to build community at MVHS.

"I like the leadership and the number of passionate teachers at MVHS."


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Melisa Harshman ~ PE/Health Teacher and ILT

If you can believe it, Ms. Harshman has been at Mountain View High School since the school opened (21 years). She is located in the Gym. She loves to share her passion for fitness and health. She truly believes in leading by example. She never ask students to do anything she's not willing to do herself. She hopes through this type of teaching she brings awareness and excitement for students to be the best version of themselves.

"MVHS always has students at the heart of their teaching. I am so excited to be in the same space as students! Students need a mental health outlet and what better way than through exercise!"

Social Studies

Danielle Balliet ~ Social Studies

Hello I am Danielle Balliet and I teach Social Studies here at MVHS. This is my 5th year at Mountain View and 17th in the Thompson School District. For the 2020-2021 academic year I am teaching Modern America, LISA Modern America, Civics and Freshmen Seminar.

You can find me in room E128 in the Indian Peaks range.

I can help students and staff with Google Classroom questions, travel plans and practical joke ideas if you are in need. I love MVHS because of the staff and students. We have the best people and community. There are so many things I am looking forward to this year coming year..... but TRAVEL tops the list. I am ready to go anywhere!

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Kelly Evans ~ Social Studies Teacher/Model UN Advisor

Ms. Evans has been with Mountain View High School for 8 years. She is located in Room E124 and she can help with anything Google Classroom and Google product.

"I love MVHS. It has been a welcoming place since I started here. Everyone helps everyone else out and brainstorms new ideas together. I am excited to get to know the students and dig into current events and explore history together."

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Ryan McElroy ~ Social Studies Teacher

Mr. McElroy teaches World History, Sociology, Psychology I and II. He has been at Mountain View High School for 10 years and you can find him hanging out in Room E220. If he doesn't have the answer to your question, he will help you find it. He also can just be a friendly face and loves to see how you are doing.

"I love how close and welcoming our staff is. Excited about seeing our students perform in sports or extra-curricular activities. Also, glad to be in person and interacting with everyone."

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Arleen Schilling ~ Social Studies

This is Ms. Schilling's 21st year at Mountain View High School. She teaches Social Studies and can be found in Room E221. She is here for anyone who needs help or assistance.

Ms. Schilling has enjoyed the challenge of teaching and learning in our new environment.

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Brian Smela ~ Social Studies Teacher/Baseball Coach

Mr. Smela is eager to help with all topics social studies and MVHS history. This is his 21st year at Mountain View. He is located in Room E225.

Mr. Smela likes the diversity of the students.

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Nick Vasa ~ Social Studies Teacher

Mr. Vasa teaches Modern America and Psychology and is located in Room E227. This is Mr. Vasa's 13th year at Mountain View High School. He is happy to help any student or staff with Social Studies and getting around Mountain View.

"I Love my fellow staff members and their willingness to help anybody and everybody."

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Alex Weedin ~ Social Studies Teacher

Mr. Weedin specializes in US History the US Government (and all of it's craziness) and Geography and its applications. He has been at Mountain View High School for 15 years and is located in Room F220.

"I am excited to just get back in the classroom and see and interact with my students and very much looking forward to a return to normalcy."

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Parent Teacher Conferences

Like everything else, Parent Teacher Conferences will look a little different this year.

Parent Teacher Conference will be held by phone or google meets by signing up for bookable appointments on:

  • Thursday, November 12th from 4:30 to 6:30 pm
  • Thursday, December 3rd from 4:30 to 6:30 pm.

Your student's teacher will be sharing the calendar link to book appointments. Watch for this in teachers weekly newsletters.

Student Announcements

If you would like to review Announcements sent to students, please visit our website Mountain View High School Website. We will post all Announcements and Newsletters under the Announcements Heading.



Are you interested in a healthcare career?You're invited to the NOCO Healthcare Careers LIVE Virtual Chat - November 18, 2020 - 12 pm to 1 pm. Hosted by the NOCO Health Sector Partnership.

Join us for this special quarterly event where you can Connect and Engage with local employees, hiring managers, and education providers to learn what it's really like to work in healthcare and hear about the multitude of career paths available.

Registration required in advance for this free event. Learn more on the TSD Work-Based Learning page: https://www.

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The Loveland Public Library is collaborating with Front Range Community College to provide Virtual Bilingual Community Outreach Series.

Sessions will be held in the morning and afternoon on different days:

Tuesday, November 17

10-11am and 6-7 pm.

Please share with families who may be interested in learning about college opportunities for themselves or their children.

Medical: Sunrise Community Health Mobile Outreach Unit

Sunrise Community Health provides primary and preventative care for medical, dental, and behavior health with sliding scale fees based on ability to pay. Their mobile van unit parks in various locations in the Front Range and families can access the van any time it is open without an appointment.

The links below are the October Calendar for van locations and an informational flyer.

FREE parenting classes for families overwhelmed with stress during COVID

Free virtual parenting classes for families overwhelmed with stress during COVID (Spanish & English classes available)
Two meetings offered every month (one in Spanish and one in English)
See flyer link below for registration and more info:

COVID 19 Northern Colorado Relief Fund

The attached document contains an extensive amount of information on COVID19 relief funds and their allocations to different programs and support. If you know of a family who needs support in something specific during this time but haven't heard of a programs offering it, THIS is the document to page through.

Examples include: rent assistance, respite, home repairs for single moms, support to grandparents working from home, counseling support, free diapers, services for undocumented HS students, emergency hotel housing for 140 days for medically fragile homeless.. and many many more.

Grand Family Coalition Seeking Holiday Volunteers

We are seeking volunteers for our 7th Annual Holiday Event. We will be hosting a drive-thru event at Realities for Children complex on December 4th. We will be handing out stockings filled with gifts and goodies to our families, and looking to make the event as special as possible with the circumstances we are under.

We are seeking volunteers who can help set up the Christmas trees, other decorations, and basic organizing. We are also very interested in volunteers who might be musically inclined to sing carols as our families drive through to pick up their gifts. We are looking for anyone willing to take photos of Santa and the families while in their cars. Volunteers will be needed from 4-8 PM on December 4, 2020.

If you happen to have any volunteers in mind that would be a good fit, please do let me (Sarah) or Gail Engel know.

You can reach me at 970-652-3950 and or Gail at 970-699-2837

Thompson Community Agencies and Providers

Need a resource for mental health services in the TSD community? The link below is a provider list compiled by the district.

Thompson Community Agencies and Providers

Please review any past newsletters here:

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November 4

If we didn't answer your question here, please feel free to contact any of us here at MVHS to help!

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