Katrina's Path Has Finally Past

Golf Coast Hit Hard

The Anniliation of Katrina is over

Looking back on this devastating (1) storm, lay the remains of the city known as New Orleans. The city’s people are now coming out of evacuation and public shelters, and are observing the wreckage, looking for any salvageable (2) possessions. One family I interviewed, the Armstrong family, happened to be staying in the New Orleans Superdome for the storm, like so many other New Orleans people. The Superdome, like a few other buildings, made it through Katrina’s wrath, but just barely. Just after the storm, I decided to observe the city I used to live in for 7 years. It was horrifying (3) to look at; the streets were cluttered with shattered glass, torn pieces of roofing were in the roads, and power lines were down everywhere.

In the aftermath of this ’05 storm, catastrophic (4) damage had been done. Over $125 billion in damages have been recorded because of Katrina. In addition. about 1200 people have been declared dead. Now that the storm is finally over, the comparing of hurricanes begin. Katrina is almost a “no-brainer” for the costliest hurricane to ever hit the United States, as well as in the top 3 for deadliest hurricanes. Finally, since all the damage has been done, we can now start to focus on the start of the recovery (5) process, as well as the preventative process to protect this city from upcoming hurricanes, and other natural disasters.

"Tricky Words"

(1) Devastating- Highly destructive or damaging.

(2) Salvageable- Capable of being saved from ruin.

(3) Horrifying- Filled with horror; shock greatly.

(4) Catastrophic- Extremely harmful; bringing physical or financial ruin.

(5) Recovery- A return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength

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