Lawrence Onward #8

August 14, 2020

First meetings held

At the Board of Education meeting this week Lawrence's Reopening Plan was reviewed. Our full reopening plan can be found at in Spanish and English. Also, this week the first community circle meetings were held. Families asked great questions to inform their challenging decision on

Hybrid (alternating weeks in-person/remote) instruction or

Full Remote (not coming into the school buildings).

Below are links to the audio from the circle meetings:

Need more information to decide?

Children are the greatest treasure and keeping them safe and healthy is our priority. To hear more, you may sign up for a virtual circle meeting or check the web for the audio that will be posted after the meeting. Additional meetings will be held prior to school to review the expectations for the children based on the instructional model. Septemeber remains a time to move ONWARD with learning, hybrid or remote!
The next circle meetings key facilitators will be:

Lisa Tariq - Director of Special Programs, Kindergarten at ECC #4

Kristen McLoughlin - Newly appointed Principal of the Primary School at #2

Rina Beach - Principal of Lawrence Elementary School

Willis Perry- Principal of Lawrence Middle School

Dr. Jennifer Lagnado-Papp - Principal of Lawrence High School

Christine Moore - newly appointed Director of Special Education

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Register here

To register please use the links below:

Early Childhood Center –

Primary School –

Elementary School –

Middle School –

High School –

Please complete form by August 20th

If selecting FULL REMOTE to keep children learning at home for at least the first marking period, use this form for each child:

If you are planning on the HYBRID model but are NOT going to use the school bus please use this form:

Your assistance is appreciated. Once we have all the preferences, schools can finalize planning and will mail student-specific information home.

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Great technology news

In addition to the new sanitizing supplies and health and safety, the Board of Education has approved the purchase of

95 additional "Ben Q Boards", capable of 4K display to classrooms to "see" our remote learners and engage them in the lessons.

200 Chromeboxes providing our amazing teachers with unlimited storage of their well-designed lessons and teaching materials. Tech support can now zoom into classrooms remotely to help teachers and learners.

200 Web Cameras with remote, 120-degree display allowing the touch of a button to display different areas of the classroom

200 wireless Bluetooth microphones for teachers to speak to our FUll Remote and Home Hybrid Cohorts

100 additional hovercam cameras updating our document cameras to Chrome

Our technology department along with entire Lawrence staff is working extremely hard to make sure each and every learner can meet with success in all models of instruction.

Please be well and stay Lawrence strong!

Dr. Ann Pedersen

Superintendent of Schools