Ink Up For Betty

why should i get a tattoo?

Understanding the reason

Most peopele look at body art or tattos as runing your apperance or bodies health. Tattoos are not just a thing you get for no reason, people get dumb tattoos not the other way around. Body art is ment to express yourself or show another side of your personalilty that many dont see. Tattoos could also be for apperence, degsin or for repsentation of something or someone. As many individuals love to remember or hold onto past events, this is a way for them to hold on.

Process-Effects-Health risk


  • most commonly us an electric machine,which inserts a single needle into the skin
  • Tatto artist must wash hands & wear gloves

  • permanent skin dying to that region of the body
  • overtime the ink moves throught the deep dermis but transfers to other regions over time and becomes concentrated

  • possible allergic reactions to dye are possible
  • if the tattoo is untreated correctly it can become infected

Tattoos may be dangerous but the meaning and taste it brings to individuals can provide happiness.