Gun Control

it needs to be stopped

Guns Are Good

Since early America, people have used guns. They once were a must have for every citizen. Gun control interferes with our constitutional right to bear arms. Guns are often used for good reasons such as hunting, collecting, and self defense. There are 645,000 cases of guns used for self-defense every year(Gottfried). So, ask yourself, are guns really bad?

Why we Shouldn't Have Gun Control

A ban on guns interferes with our rights as United States citizens. The right to bear arms has been around since before the U.S was a country. Our founding fathers used guns to settle land and protect people from other people. Banning guns violates the right to bear arms which is the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.

What are Guns Used For

Guns are used for mostly good reasons, such as hunting and collecting at gun shows. Many people say gun shows are not safe. In fact, due to the Brady bill there is a five day waiting period for a hand gun purchase and criminal background check requirement to purchase a hand gun(Gun Control). Hunting is a very safe sport it even has a lower injury rate than golf, volleyball, and tackle football(Burger).

Supporters are WRONG

Gun control supporters say that if guns were banned then Sandy Hook would not have happened. That is incorrect, guns will allways be bought illegally on the black market. Also, it dosen't take a gun to kill many people it takes an insane person and a means of killing. For example, Sandy Hook could have happened just as easily if the guy had a knife or any other kind of weapon. Don't you think that if the teachers had guns at the school they could have killed the guy before he killed those kids?

Gun Control Must be Controlled

Gun control must be stopped if we want a crime decrease. If criminals are the only individuals with guns, then law abiding citizins are left defenseless. We need a level playing field to stop crime. Therefore gun control must be controlled.


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