Jacobs Rescue

A Holocaust Story

Jacob & the Roslans

In this story, a young Jewish boy named Jacob Gutgeld is living in a ghetto created by the Nazi's to contain Jews. Jacobs Aunt fears he will be taken soon, so she arranges for Jacob to live with a family of Poles: Alex & Mela Roslan and children. Alex was the one who originally decided to harbor a Jewish child, him being more heroic and giving than his wife. Eventually Mela is more welcoming to Jacob and his brothers who soon join them, and eventually accept them as her own children.

The Plot

This true story is based in Nazi Europe during the Holocaust in WWII. At the time of the Holocaust, The Nazi's built concentration camps that were used to force People to work, or to kill them in mass amounts. The main target put into these camps were Jewish people. In the story, a Polish Family, the Roslans, decide to harbor a young Jewish boy to protect him form the Nazi's who would surely take him to a concentration camp. Throughout the Story, the Roslans and the Jewish boy, Jacob, and his brothers Sholom and David, are constantly evading the Gestapo to stay alive.

The Righteous Among Nations Award

The Righteous Among Nations award is awarded by the country of Israel to non-Jewish people after WWII who risked their own lives to protect the lives of one or more Jewish persons.

Alex an Mela took in not one, not two, but Three Jewish children over the course of the Holocaust to live with them in secrecy. (Sheltering a Jew in ones home/ Temporary adoption)

When one of the young Jewish boys was stricken with Scarlet Fever, Alex devised a plan to sneak the boy into the hospital with a coutch, and sold his own home to pay for the operation to save the boy. (Aiding a Jew)

The Roslan family endured constant questioning and several searches of the Gestapo in their home, while hiding the children to protect them. ( Keeping a Jew hidden)

A Quote

The Police man patted him on the head and told him," You're a good boy. Anytime you want to help us find some Jews, Let me know."

To me, this shows that the Nazi Party was horribly sick in the head and just how morally corrupted they were to be recruiting children as spy's and informants.


Jacobs Rescue is an important book to read in regards to learning about Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. This book shows how the Nazi's prosecuted the Jewish people wrongly and without a reason to do so. After reading this book, it is much easier to understand how bad the Holocaust really was.