Anna Pavlova

Famous Russian Ballerina by Emilia

Personal Life

The story of Anna Pavlova becoming famous ......

Anna Pavlova was born on the 12th of Feb in ST Pertersburg , Russia .

Anna Pavlova death was on the Jan 23 rd 1931 in The Hague .

When Anna was yonger she had an activie and imaginative mind she also had a fansty world of ballet . When Anna was just a toddler her father past away , Anna's and her mum were able to afford performances like the Beauty & the beast .

When Anna was 10 she entered the Imperial Ballet Acadmey after she graduated she joined the Maryinsky Theatre Anna was also promoted as Ballerina in 1905 and Prima Ballerina in 1906 . When Anna had ballet one of Anna's favourtive teachers was Cecchetti's thats who helped her with the promtions of a ballerina until Anna's death . Until 1913 Anna was rarely seen on stage performing in Russia .

In 1910 Anna formed her own company with 8 other dancers from ST. Petersburg . Anna met some English Dancers , in 1913 she toured America and a number of other countries and she travelled 300,000 miles and done 4,000 performances .

In 1910 Anna had her own company and meet some English Dancers . In 1913 she toured America she toured a number of countries and she did 300,000 miles and 4,000 performances .

Anna had her own private days in Ivy House in Hampstead , Londen where she would be with interesting birds and animals she had a 2 pet swans with a source of imagery for Pavlova's famous onstage version .

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