Part #3: BE a ViSiONARY

Can you IMAGINE something bigger than you ever have before?

What do you currently SEE for YOUR FUTURE?

1. Be aware of your daydreams.

  • What do you imagine? For this year? Next year? In 5 years? 20?
  • What changes do you hope will happen in your life?
  • What do you want for your children, your partner, your loved ones, and YOURSELF?

How does the DREAM become your REALITY?

2. Notice what you WISH for in life.
  • What do you see around you? What do you ALWAYS notice others having or doing?
  • When you pay close attention to someone else's life, what is it about their days that you desire for yourself?
  • What seems like it could NEVER happen to/for you?

Can you receive BIGGER? Give back BIGGER? Live a BIGGER version of your life?

3. Expand your VISION.
  • If anything is truly possible, what are 3 things you NEVER DREAMED could be in your life?
  • We hear people say, "I can't believe this is my life." What does your "I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!" life include?
  • We have seen things that seem amazing and DREAMY. What visions have you seen but not forgotten?

Can we PAiNT A ViSiON as BIG as he did?

4. Honor what we're a part of.

  • Petter Morck was a visionary. And his vision knew no limits. So WHY does OURS?
  • Write down your BIG VISION. Read it every day. Find 5-10 minutes every day to close your eyes and SEE YOUR NEW LIFE. Where are you? How do your feel? What is happening?
  • There are SO MANY men and women in Arbonne living the BiGGER life they envisioned.

Friends, IT'S OUR TURN!