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Exceptional Students…Exceptional Staff 4.5.16

We hope everyone had an enjoyable and relaxing spring break. It is hard to believe we only have one quarter remaining of the 2016-2017 school year. Over the next few weeks please let the words of Henry Adams bring you encouragement, "A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops."

Ohio Association of Teacher Educators Outstanding Mentor

Congratulations to Mary Cline for being awarded the Ohio Association of Teacher Educators (OATE) Outstanding Mentor award! Each year OATE recognizes the important role of a school-based teacher who has significantly contributed to the theoretical/practical knowledge base of other teachers. OATE understands the vital support mentor teachers provide to preservice teachers.

Mary Cline teaches an MD unit at Chase Elementary. She has taught in Cincinnati Public Schools for 33 years which is a remarkable achievement as well. Mary has worked with students with disabilities at Taft Elementary, Kirby Road School, Schwab (swing space), and Chase Elementary. Mrs. Cline willingly volunteers to be a mentor teacher year after year as she believes in modeling best practices to help ensure our district receives top notch new hires. Many of the preservice teachers she mentors apply and, in turn, get hired into CPS.

Mrs. Cline was nominated to receive this award by multiple professors from the University of Cincinnati. This was the first time in the history of the award that U.C. has ever nominated a mentor teacher. Mary stated, "To be totally honest it was an honor for UC to nominate me; that alone was a huge thrill." The professors at U.C. recognized the huge role Mrs. Cline has played in mentoring their students. Mary is a master at effective modeling and coaching of preservice teachers. Karen Troup (University of Cincinnati Field Service Associate Professor) shared, "Mary meets each intern where they are and then helps them develop the skills needed to become a strong teacher. She is supportive and caring with high expectations. She scaffolds her demands to meet the comfort level of each student candidate." Alex Yersky, Mrs. Cline's current mentee stated, "Perhaps what I respect most about her mentoring, is that she will allow us to fail in the classroom, rather than stepping in, which is a necessary thing for young teachers. This experience and teaching opportunity allows me to self-examine my reasoning."

Kudos to Mary Cline for winning this state-wide award. The students, families and preservice teachers of Cincinnati Public Schools are lucky to have such a dedicated intervention specialist.

Google Hangout- Gifted Education

Mark your calendars for an engaging and informative Google Hangout -

"You Don't Know What You Don't Know: Navigating the World of Gifted Education"

When: April 21, 2016, 7 p.m.

Watch the live hangout here:

If you have a question during the event, you can email questions directly to Angela Grimm at before the event. You can also post questions or comments on the OAGC (Ohio Association for Gifted Children) Facebook page ( or your Twitter account during the event. If you post on Twitter, please include #oagc in your tweet.

Gifted News

Are you looking for a new site to find resources for teaching gifted students? If so, you might want to visit The Kid Story.

If you teach in a high school and have not yet had training for your AA teachers, please contact Betsy Singh to set up a time for training.


In April, the window for the AIR assessment will open. LEP students must take all sections of the assessment, but have a list of accommodations available to them. This list can be found in the Ohio Accessibility Manual through the ODE.

-The old rules for applying accommodations no longer apply

-Under the new rules, any LEP student is eligible for any accommodation no matter how long they have been in the country. It is up to a team of educators to decide which accommodations are best for each child.

The OELPA assessment window will remain open until 4/22. It is highly recommended that all OELPA assessment are completed before the AIR window opens to avoid an overlap.

If you have any student who enrolls and becomes identified as LEP before this window closes, they will need to be given all sections of the OELPA.


Goalbook Pathways is tailored to help educators design rigorous and differentiated instruction for all students. Did you know that once you are logged into Goalbook you can select Goalbook Pathways and search for Universal Design for Learning (UDL) strategies? Click the Strategies drop-down arrow located at the top of the page and select the Strategy Wizard or All Strategies. The Strategy Wizard allows you to specifically select the subject and content barrier or for a more general idea you can select the All Strategies option. Take a moment and peruse the numerous strategy options available to you and your students through Goalbook.

Instructional Tools

In the past two newsletters, we have shared information about the study conducted by the National Center on Educational Outcomes (NCEO) and the National Center on Systemic Improvement (NCSI).

The past newsletters discussed the challenges students with disabilities face in the areas of reading and writing when taking assessments along with the implications for instruction.

This week the focus is students who struggle to justify answers. This is a skill that all students need to master to be successful in all content areas. Students need to understand how to find and extract supporting evidence in both text and video within their writing as well as provide written justification for math responses.

Ideas for meeting these challenges in the classroom can be found below.

Big image

Autism & ALL Special Needs Expo

Do you work with individuals and families touched by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)? If so, you may want to join many of your CPS colleagues that will be attending the Autism & ALL Special Needs Expo on Saturday, May 7, 2016. The Sharonville Convention Center will host the event which promises riveting break-out sessions, nearly 100 provider and vendor tables, opportunities to network with colleagues, ability to earn CEUs, and much more! For more information on the Autism & ALL Special Needs Expo, including information on how to register, please click here.

Co-teaching Roundtables are Here!

CPS intervention specialists are increasingly being asked to co-teach and collaborate with their fellow teachers in order to better meet the needs of diverse groups of students. These sessions will provide general education teachers, intervention specialists, and building administrators a forum for delving deeply into what co-teaching means. Participants will have the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded peers in other buildings to exchange ideas and grow professionally.

WHO: All intervention specialists, general education teachers, (it would be great to attend as a co-teaching pair if possible), building administrators

WHEN/WHERE: Mayerson, course number- 1991.6452

5/11/16: Becoming a Co-Teaching Model in Your Building

Case Coordinator Meeting

Wednesday, April 6th, 4pm

2650 Highland Avenue

Cincinnati, OH

Mayerson Academy

IS Curriculum Council

Tuesday, April 19th, 4:15pm

2650 Highland Avenue

Cincinnati, OH

Mayerson Academy

ESP Curriculum Council

Tuesday, April 19th, 4pm

2650 Highland Avenue

Cincinnati, OH

Transition Coordinator Training

Wednesday, April 20th, 4pm

2650 Highland Avenue

Cincinnati, OH