iPads In YOUR Classroom?!

It's probably easier than you think. (And worth it!)

App Overload

As the video below demonstrates, there's an app (that is, an "application" or iPad software program) for pretty much everything out there. While it can be fun to shop through the thousands of educational apps available, your Primary students can have a lot of fun with just a few basic apps that will allow them to do a whole lot of creating!

Scroll down to preview a few apps and find out what you could do with them--tomorrow--in your classroom.

Sesame Street: Song: There's An App For That

A Few To Whet Your "App"etite!

Content Creation - That's What It's All About!

iPads are changing the way we work in the Primary Grades. The focus of these tools is not for gaming or entertainment, but rather to get students creating their own content. The apps listed above all have unlimited potential because they can be used across a variety of subjects and used by students with varying skill levels.

This requires a big shift in thinking about teaching, making working with iPads just as exciting and engaging for teachers as it is for students!

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