Religious Rights In 350 Words

Religious Rights In School

The People's Argument

Some people feel that their religious rights have been violated. For instance, the Pledge of Allegiance,kids and parents feel like their religious rights are taken away by the government because the pledge is based on Christian beliefs.The statement "One Nation Under God'' statement totally strips other religion rights. The feel their religious viewpoint is not being included.This dilemma may cause protest and even gun violence.People really cherish their beliefs with religion and other important beliefs.Some people feel they are not allowed to practice their beliefs if it is not Christian based. They want to change the laws. They want the laws to reflect what they believe.People want their religion or beliefs reflected in some way.

Some people use this belief to try and ultimately Overthrow the Government of the United States.

Kameron's Argument

You're religion and other beliefs are important,but you can't fight the government that allows you to have freedom.You can always stand up for what you believe in. the only reason you can stand up for your beliefs, are because you live in a FREE Country.You have the right to believe what you believe. But, if choose to come to a FREE Country that allows you voice your opinion, and use the Freedom of Speech Right, you show obey the Law of the land.Plus, if somebody doesn't like our country's Pledge or Constitution it is THEIR problem not OURS. What sense does it make to come to a FREE Country and not obey the LAW! These people who oppose our religious beliefs in the Constitution should be made to Honor them before we give them Citizenship to our Country. STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS! You have the right,use it!