Spam: A huge downside

By: Tricia Butts


Spam are unsolicited emails, or letters. They can come in many forms whether on your phone, email, social media, or even show up in your mailbox- in paper form. An example would be to open your email and see "Buy two, get one free!" from a company. They can send you 'subscription letters' in the mail, to reduce paper. But many companies sign you up for subscriptions hardly without your knowledge when you sign up for an online account, which happens ever more often in this digital era.

Can you avoid this?

There are many ways to avoid spam, and one way is to simply use a different email for online accounts; seeing as many of the 'spam' comes from there. There are also companies that can provide limited-use emails, that only last 15 minutes, or to fit your needs. This can allow you to sign-up for an online account, get the verification necessary, and then never use it again. One important thing to avoid more spam however, is to avoid responding. This gives them the information that it IS in fact, an active account and they can then sell it to various other spam associations.
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Social Media

Even things that you sign up for, and want emails- can easily become like unto spam. And example above is Pinterest, which sends email notifications every time someone repins any of your items. This can be turned off very easily, but is a simple example of social media and how it can quickly fill your inbox.