Winter Break... Tech To-Do List

Here are some helpful tips to get ready for next semester:

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Clean up your Gmail Inbox:

Delete your old emails. File and create labels for emails you'd like to hold onto for a while.

Folders & Labels (video)

Update your email groups:

New team members? New staff to your school? Organize your contacts and email groups.

Gmail Contacts (video)

Update your Teacher Website:

Update changes and information on your NetStartClass Page

  • netStartClass (teacher websites)

    • netStartClass - Introduction (Video, Doc)

    • netStartClass - Adding Content (Video)

    • netStartClass - File Manager (Video)

    • netStartClass - Insert a picture (Video)

    • netStartClass - Layout Changes (Video)

  • Embed a Google Doc into your netStartClass page (Video)

Embed your Google Calendar into netStartClass (Video)

Clean up your Google Drive and your Desktop:

Clean up and organize your folders and files in your Google Drive. Also, clean up the files on your desktop by uploading them to your Google Drive.

Uploading Files (video)

Search & Organize (video)

Helpdesk and PD Courses

Don't forget to sign up through Eduphoria to receive help from the Technology Department and your Instructional Technology Specialist.

Get Help from the Instructional Technology Team (Video)

Enter a Technology Work Order in Eduphoria (Video, Doc)

Don't forget to sign up for the next three Geek Week Trainings.