Summer Ball by: Mike Lupica

Book Reflection

I just finshed Reading Summer Ball by Mike Lupica and i would reccomend this book to anybody with a passion for basketball. The author engaged me by the character asking a question to his parents. Danny Walker said to his parents, "You know that growth spurt you guys have been promising me my whole life? When does that in, exactly?" I can relate to his siuation to because im short and all my friends are taller than me, and Im still wating to grow. The climax in the book is when Lamar picks up his dribble and trys to transfer the ball into his right hand to take the shot. "As Lamar stopped his dribble and started to transfer the ball to his right hand to go into his shot." When Danny found out he wouldn't be in the same cabin as his friends and he would have to be with the younger kids he thought it was going to be the worst month of his life. Until he met Zach Fox a minature version of himself. Zach wanted to leave the camp but Danny told him he'd be quitting and that gets you no where in life. Zach said. "Give me one good reason why I should't be able to leave." "Because you'd be quitting," Danny said to him.