Miami Heat

Just got burned!!!

Team Information

Miami Heat

Miami, Florida, U.S.A.

Miami: 25.7877 N, 80.2241W

South-eastern Florida

Spanish, English, French.

There are 30,00 lakes and over 1,300 golf courses.

The Saint John's River is one of the few rivers that flows North instead of South.

Venice is known as the Shark tooth Capital of the World

Many Beaches

Second most humid U.S.A. city

Many Hurricanes

Team Mascot Information


Team Nicknames: Heat, The Heatles

The nickname connects to the region, because of the burning temperature in Miami, Florida, thus the name Miami Heat


The team was founded in 1989

Not one founder

The mascot does not connect to the history of this region although the name Burnie connects to the heat in the area


The stadium is called American Airlines arena

It was named after American Airlines

This Stadium was once called Miami Arena

More stadiums are being named after businesses because stadiums want more sponsors and businesses get to know that if they sponser a stadium with a lot of money, then that most likely, that the stadium or arena will get named after both of them. This will profit both the stadium and the business