Grade 5 Gifted!

with Mr. Horak (October 12-16)

Conversation Starters

The 5th grade gifted class is beginning a new communication system to help parents start academic conversations with their children. We will begin sending home our learning goals for the week, to help parents talk about what we did for the day and week. This means no more “What did you do today?” with the response of “nothing much” or “I don’t remember.”

Reading: (Monday-Friday)

1. Hatchet and Night of the Spadefoot Toads


2. How have events throughout both stories forced the characters to evolve and change/adapt? ONGOING RESEARCH!

3.Character Analysis: How do characters’ responses and reactions affect the text?

4. How do readers identify relationships and interactions in text?

5. How do text structures and features affect writing? REVIEW

6. What is the difference between summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting?

Writing: (Monday-Friday)

1. NARRATIVE WRITING: How do I incorporate dialogue between characters?

2. NARRATIVE WRITING: Building up the character, establishing setting, and sequencing events within individual writing

3. How do I use vivid vocabulary to develop my setting?

4. How do I use text evidence to support my opinion? REVIEW

5. How do I use scientific research to support my opinion? ECOSYSTEMS

Math: (Monday-Friday)


Begin chapter 3 decimals: What are the ABCs of Decimals?

1. How do I place the thousandths place?

2. How do you use place-value to round to a given place?

3. How do you compare and order decimals?

4. How do you ROUND decimals? REVIEW

5. How do you estimate decimal sums and differences?

6. How do I complete decimal addition?

Content: (Monday-Friday)

1. How can physical properties be used to identify matter?

2. What are solids, liquids, and gases? REVIEW

3. How can temperature change matter?

4. What are mixtures and solutions?

5. What affects the speed of dissolving?

6. What is the ATOMIC THEORY INTRO..

7. Museum Day Rotations


Students will begin BOY testing for quarter 1 this week. Students will complete a writing prompt, along with being tested on reading, math, and science standards. The three subject area tests will be completed on computer, while the writing will be complete pencil to paper.

Students begin MUSEUM DAY launch and introduction this week. Your scholar will be assigned a classroom, partner/s and be given additional information that will be needed to be completed by the end of MUSEUM DAY. Please look for the packet of information in their AVID folders under the project folders.

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Our student of the week is...

Hannah Kelley!

Hannah is one motivated and academically driven student. She enjoys social studies, research, and creative projects. She also enjoys music, playing soccer and talking with friends' at school. Her favorite food is Fettuccine Alfredo, and her favorite family activity is to honor her brother's birthday! On a side note, she also loves to sing, dance, and act. That is one talented student!

When she grows up, she wants to go to USF or Troy University, and become a dermatologist. Go Hannah, Go!


1 box of fudge stripe cookies

1 bag of Hershey Kisses

1 container of vanilla frosting

Food coloring

Begin by mixing food coloring and frosting to make an orange tint, mixing (red and yellow) together.

Next, assemble an upside-down fudge stripe cookie and Hershey Kiss with a spoonful of frosting.

Finally, assembly as many as you would like, and enjoy!