Twenty and Ten

Claire Huchet Bishop, by Olivia Sowle

Twenty and Ten By: Claire Huchet Bishop

In this book there are Four Jewish Kids that go to a private school, with a teacher named Sister Gabriel. When Sister Gabriel leaves for some errands, the kids are trusted to be their alone. Later they go out to the school yard, they wonder of to their cave, on their way they spot Nazi Soldiers. At that time German was occupied on France. The Nazis and Jewish didn't get along. Later on the Nazi's stop the children. The Nazi's we'rent so friendly. They took the kids into a small town and locked them in a room. The Nazi's won't let them go until they talk. Will the kids escape? Or will the Soldiers keep them?

The Theme of this book is..

Listen the first time, because you don't know what the consequences could be. In Twenty and Ten they were told to get the Nazi's a drink of water and they didn't listen, they were told to talk, they didn't listen. That's how they got themselves captured. They thought that by not talking they'd be ok, but instead they were captured.

History on he Book

Twenty and Yen was based on a true story. The German occupation of France happened 1914-1918. This is one of the many incidents that happened during that time.

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