Chapter 9 Fact Sheet

"The Outsiders" Chapter Summary

Significant Events

o Sodapop and Steve put on extra hair oil before the rumble to show

There greasers (trying to make themselves proud of being greasers).

o Ponyboy takes five aspirins before the rumble

o Ponyboy starts to see he isn’t proud of being a greaser, and only pretends to be.

o The rumble occurred.

o Dally gets out of hospital to fight in the rumble .

o Greasers ‘win’ the rumble.

o Johnny tells Ponyboy to stay gold before he dies .

o Johnny dies.

o Ponyboy asks the gang if and why they like fights.

o Darry starts of the fight with Paul Holden a soc he used to be on the same football team with but now there on opposing sides and hate each other because of where they live.

o Dally lies to policemen.

o Dally shows signs of losing it before Johnny’s death.

o Dally thought he should of taught Johnny to be tough like him.

o Dally tells Johnny that they bet the socs but Johnny says it was useless.

o Dally tells Johnny he is proud of him.

o When Johnny dies dally loses it.

Character Development

o Dally loses it

o Ponyboy’s mental state heads downhill

o The greasers lift in confidence after beating the socs in the rumble

Characters Involved

o Johnny Cade

o Dallas Winston

o Two-Bit Mathews

o Darry Curtis

o Ponyboy Curtis

o Steve Randall

o Sodapop Curtis

o Paul Holden

o Tim Shepard

o Curly Shepard

o The Brumby Outfit

o The Nurse

o The Doctor

o The rest of the socs

o Cop


o Abandoned lot

o The Curtis household

o Hospital


o Fighting/violence

o Death

o loyalty

o friendships

o gangs/rivalries

Important Quotes

o “you like fights, don’t you, soda” “yeah I like fights”

o “what kind of world is it where all I have to be proud of is a reputation of being a hood, and greasy hair?”

o “I don’t want to be a hood, but even if I don’t steal things and mob people and get boozed up, I’m marked lousy”

o “right then the most important thing to me, was whipping the socs”

o “I’d seen too much of what drinking did for you at Johnny’s house”

o “Why do I fight? I thought, and couldn’t think of any real good reason.”

o “you fight real good for a kid your size. But you were in shape before. You’ve lost weight and you don’t look so great, kid. You’re tensed up too much”