How are teens in Aerbaijan different then teens in the U.S.?

The three main differences between Azerbaijan and the U.S. are religion, food, and holidays


Azerbaijan's main religion is Islam. Although their main language was not always Islam. They can also practice where they please. Islam is the main language but they also practice. In the U.S. we can practice whatever we believe in. We can also practice anywhere and anytime of the day.
96% of Azerbaijan's religion is Islam. That's not all they practice though they also practice other religions. They don't have a specific language just most of the country is Islam. Like the United States Catholicism is the main language but that's not all we practice we also do Judaism and Jewish.


in Azerbaijan they have bread and tea for breakfast, soup and tea for lunch, and veggies, soup, and tea for dinner. This is their everyday eating cycle. In the US we can eat we want for any meal of the day.
Azerbaijan there culture is only based on one culture, that culture is Azerbaijan. This tradition of food and drinks has most likely going on for many years. In the US we are not only influenced by possibly Azerbaijan and also by many other cultures around the world from China to English.