Johnson Informer

Principal - Doris Marcum

Upcoming Events

May 2-3rd grade Field Trip

Club 316

May 3-Election Day-NO SCHOOL-Be sure to vote

May 4-Conrad visits 5th grade

May 5-5th grade Skyping withSMS

Science Club

May 6-Muffins for Moms

Hug a Tree presentation


May 1-Jaden Tice

May 2-Allison Glover

Emily Gabbard

Brayden Berggren

May 3-Gavin Newton

May 4-Mrs Jena Hudson

May 6-Scarlett Camp

June 1-Justin Craig

Ms. Robin Burns

June 2-Glen Hess

June 4-Jasiah Spears

June 5-Mrs. June Stutsman

June 6-Kaydence Land

Dylan Hunter

Braylee Castillo

June 8-Madison Hearin

Tanner Best

July 1-Bryan Chandler

Kenzie Cole

July 2-Luke Rockey

Olivia Johnson

Reese Butler

Ryan Butler

July 4-Erica Thomas

July 6-Connor Camp

Spring Is Here

Now that Spring and warmer weather are here, students are wearing shorts and sandals. Please just remember that the shorts need to be mid-thigh or passed your fingertips when your arms are by your side, sandals need to have backs on them and shirts need to have sleeves. Any questions, consult the District Elementary Handbook.

Students of the Week

Akemon AM-Braelyn Wilkerson

Akemon PM-Marissa Lewis

Burns-Connor Chadwick

Long-Riley Burr

Funk-Brody Burton

Spencer-Madysen Lainhart

McGannon-Broden Schoettmer

Van Dyke-Bethany Pence

Rose-Ellie Richardson

Meadows-Emily Richardson

Richardson-Sydney Mayer

Wooten-Austin Smith

Schindler-Hunter Campbell

Strobl-Madison Hearin

Neace-Zoie Burns

Our Weekly Heroes

Employee of the Week

Congratulations!!!! Mr. Justin Bromm for being our Employee of the Week!!!
Akemon AM-87%

Akemon PM-97.6%






Van Dyke-93%








Classroom News

Pre-school-Learning about water

Kindergarten-Learning about the farm

1st grade-Learning about plants

2nd grade-Learning about the American symbols

3rd grade-Learning about weather

4th grade-Learning about mean, mode, and median and reading fables, myths, and tall tales

5th grade-Learning about the election process and the Bill of Rights

Mrs. Neace-Learning about always doing your best, Letter Dd, #18

Principal's Corner

The best way for parents to build responsibility in children is by giving them responsibility...and helping them to see the consequences of their actions.


May 9th -PTO meeting 7PM in gym

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