May 2nd - 6th

Dear Parents,

I cannot believe how this year has flown by! Since we are nearing the end of fourth quarter, we will be taking our last DORA reading test these next couple weeks. Our class is working hard to prepare for the Mother’s Day event that we will be hosting in the Fr. Pezold Room on May 9th at 9:15. We hope to see you there! Mass is on Thursday this week. :)

Week Plans

Reading and Phonics: We will learn how to read and spell:

*digraph ei (makes the long i and long e sounds)

*digraph ew (makes the sound /oo/)

*combination wh (makes the sound /hw/)

*the short o sound of a

---In Reading this week we will focus on the Jr. Great Books story, Eeyore Has a Birthday. Please plan on setting aside some time on Monday evening to read this story to your child.

Math: This week in Math, we will finish up our chapter over geometry. I will be sending a practice test home Wednesday night to review.This is due Thursday. Please review flashcards throughout this week as well.

* Please continue to work on Math facts at home.

Religion: In Religion this week, we will pray a decade of the Rosary every morning. We will also finish Chapter 24 where we will learn how to grow as disciples of Christ.

Dates to Remember

May 3rd: DOL test

May 5th: Chapter 7 Geometry test

May 5th: Comprehension test over Junior Great Books reading

May 6th: Spelling Test over words: find, saw, starvation, now, taking, shouted, old, joining, fault, plastic, four, word.

Spelling sentences: The kind old man told me some tales. The little lost kitten was both blind and cold. The child romped and played in the straw. Its sharp claws got me as it jumped on my lap.

May 6th: Phonics Assessment over digraph ie, and trigraphs dge and tch. It will also review sight words: change, danger, strange, and stranger.

May 9th : Mother's Day program at 9:15.