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What is Writers Effect

Do you like to be creative? Have you ever thought of writing your own short story, comic book, or novel? If so, then WRITERS EFFECT is just for you! Come to a community where writing becomes an experience not just a process. If you enjoy reading, writing, and being creative then join WRITERS EFFECT today!

Writers Effect is an online community where the users collectively write a single story. To accomplish this, the W.E Editors, will provide you, the community, with the basis of what we are looking for. These topics could range from the name for a character to the next chapter in the book. Every entry that is submitted will be reviewed, and then placed online for the community to vote on. Once the voting is completed, the W.E Editors will tally up the votes and present the winning piece. This process will go on until the story is finished. We will then create an e-book using all the submissions that were chosen by you; the community. This e-book will contain the story that was created as well as showcase all those that helped make it happen.