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October 1st- 5th

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Ring Leader Tidbits

~It's October! Yay! Fall weather is ALMOST in the air. Hopefully, we will continue to see some cooler days ahead! I know everyone is ready for this heat to end!

~ Shout out to the Kindergarten team for working to get to know their students OUTSIDE of class. They have requested families send back a form that lets them know their students activities and/or a good time to visit them AT HOME and read a book! This is a great way to build relationships! They are attending soccer games, baseball games, and their homes! The pics are SO special, and I am SO proud of them for reaching out like this! GREAT job, Shannon, Cassie and Amarisa!

~ Shout out to Emily for all the work she is doing with technology in her classroom. Lisa Dunn and Karen Miller specifically requested we visit her class because of the great things she has been doing/collaborating with the technology team. If you are curious about how she is utilizing technology and creating class One Note notebooks, schedule a time to stop by and see! Great job, Emily!

~ Tomorrow is National Pizza Day! If you would like to have a pizza lunch, we would love to provide that for each person. Please get your $2 to Kathleen ASAP and we will order the pizza!

~ All TTESS goals/SLO's should be submitted (other than the few new teachers who I have told). If you have not emailed me or Kathleen, please do say by today so that we can go in and approve them.

~ Our first lesson plan "spot check" is today. Please have lesson plans for the week in my box by 3:00 today! Thanks!!

~ There is a mandatory staff meeting (504 training) after school today. We want to start the meeting with celebrations, so think of something positive to share! I cannot attend, due to having my own children's teacher conferences to attend. But, Kathleen and Tammie will run the meeting. This is required and a powerpoint sent over from special services, so they will go as quickly as possible, but it is important information to share.

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School Bulletin

  • Parent/Teacher conferences are in full swing. Please let us know if you have conferences scheduled late in the day. We don't want anyone staying here alone and/or after dark. If the front doors need to remain open longer than they usually do, please make sure to notify Laura, so that we can make the appropriate arrangements.

  • Everyone should have registered in Eduphoria for the needed PD for next Monday and Tuesday. Remember, on Tuesday, we will be at HCTC for Lead4ward training. That session IS on Eduphoria as well, so make sure to sign up.

  • We had great feedback from our lockdown drill. Just a few things to remember:

1. Do not release students until the all clear from the intercom has happened. After your room is unlocked, make sure to keep kids in your classrooms.

2. Keep lights off until you are released.

3. The next lockdown will be unannounced. This means that if you're outside, you WILL NOT come in. You will take students to the farthest area away from the building (still on campus) and remain there until the all clear.

  • Elk of the Month forms were sent out today. They ARE fillable in the text boxes, but she has not fixed the photo yet. So, for this first round, just print the picture, cut to size and attach to the form. Sorry about the inconvenience!

  • Remind parents/students about early dismissal on Friday (we will follow early release schedule), and there is no school on Monday/Tuesday next week!

  • We are starting a new month, and that means new character traits to discuss/watch for. This is also anti-bullying month, so RESPECT ties in great with everything Tammie will be focusing on during guidance lessons.

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Elk of the Month Criteria

We are combining Great Expectations character traits as well as areas discussed in Positive Action to guide our Elk of the Month selections. These areas are also the areas that Tammie will be discussing in guidance lessons. They're pretty general, but we think that's what makes you all have some freedom and creativity when selecting the students.

Here is this month's focus:










Monday, October 1st:

  • All staff (REQUIRED) training on 504 at 3:00 pm
  • Wear blue for Bully Prevention

Tuesday, October 2nd:

National Pizza Day- pay $2 for pizza

Thursday, October 4th:

  • Parent Academy 5:30-5:30

Friday, October 5th:

  • Early release for parent/teacher conferences at 11:40

Monday, October 8th:

  • Student holiday. Staff district staff development

Tuesday, October 9th:

  • Student holiday. Lead4Ward Training for our campus (HDC)

Thursday, October 11th:

  • Kori off campus at meeting
  • Elk Junior Council meeting @ 3:00

Thursday, October 18th:

  • Fall Festival 6:00-7:30 pm

Friday, October 19th:

  • End of 1st Nine Weeks

Monday, October 22nd:

  • 2nd Grade Reading/SS CLC (AM)
  • 2rd Grade Reading/SS CLC (PM)

Tuesday, October 23rd:

  • 5th Grade Math CLC (AM)
  • Tammie off campus

Wednesday, October 24th:

  • 4th Grade Math CLC (AM)

Thursday, October 25th:

  • 2nd Grade Math/Sci CLC (AM)
  • Kathleen off campus at meeting

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