Inherit The Wind

By: Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee

Scopes monkey trial

This was a court case in 1925 about the teaching of evolution. John T. Scope was a biology teacher who was put on trial for teaching darwinism. His lawyer argued that academic freedom was being violated and claimed that the legislature had indicated a religious preference, which violated the separation between state and church. He also told them that evolutionary theory was consistent with certain interpretations of the Bible. But John T. Scopes was convicted,however was released by the supreme court by a technicality.

Background information on authors

Robert Edwin Lee-

Born october 15,1918 . Married janet waldo and had two children ,Jonathan Barlow and Lucy Virginia,he died on July 8, 1994. He wanted to become an astronomer so he attended Northwestern University in 1934 and then transferred to Ohio Wesleyan University.

Jerome Lawrence-

born on July 14, 1915. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Ohio State University.he met Robert E. Lee in New York City in 1942.


This book is based on the scopes monkey trail in 1925. Where a teacher was charged with teaching how man evolved from apes instead of creationism. The book contains aguements between the character based on william jennings bryan, who belives in creatioism ,and a character based on clarence darrow, who defends science and the evolution theory.