The Green Revolution

Why the Right Choice?

The Pros!

The Green Revolution greatly increases the prosperity of any nation! With the right machinery and farming methods, even the great famines in India are being reversed! A few of the great things that come from the Green Revolution:

- A slash through famine and hunger
- An increase in interest and respect from the world powers and other countries
- Genetically modified crops are hardier and more nutritious
- Dependency on other countries is slashed

In addition to these, the Green Revolution stimulates the economy and generates enough food to hold up a larger population than there currently is in the country, often creating a surplus to further stimulate the economy. On top of that, the population and development will raise due to the lowering of the crude death rate! With better water sources and more food, coupled with a better economy and developing technology, countless lives are saved.

The Cons . . .

Even the Green Revolution has its downsides. When land is prepared for farming, the environment is harmed. Wild plant diversity may lower. Also, resources may be concentrated in certain areas, leaving the others poorer than the others. Pollution from pesticides and other chemicals may harm the environment or taint the water supply. And of course, as in any other raising population, the demand for food, shelter, and energy goes up.

What Does it Look Like?