Week of March 14-April 1st, 2016

Spring is in the Air!

This is such an exciting and energizing time of year! I hope you are enjoying longer days, and the hope that comes from an upcoming break and change of season! Thanks for all the positive things you are doing! I truly hope you each enjoy a wonderful spring break! Take time to enjoy your life with family, friends, spring and time off!

Spring Break Plans?!

Check out our staff Padlet for Spring Break Plans! (No judgement for those of us who are simply looking forward to yoga pants!)


Weekly Schedule

Monday, Mar 14: SRT, writer's luncheon

Tuesday, Mar. 15: PLC

Wednesday, Mar. 16: Staff Development Meeting; 3rd to Lion King; Seroogy's pick up

Thursday, Mar. 17: Service Team; Kristin out for Admin in am; Celebration Committee Check In for Winter Celebration; 3:00 All School Assembly

Friday, Mar. 18: Maker Space; VIP Day; Matt Spet's Office Hours

Monday, March 21 - 28th - HAPPY SPRING BREAK!

Tuesday, Mar. 29.: PLC

Wednesday, Mar. 30: Title 1 Application Review/SIP team

Thursday, Mar. 31: 7:30 ALiCE Review in the Library

Friday, April 1: Personalized Learning Team; Favorite Color Day

Assessment Update: Forward Exam

This year the statewide assessment will be called the Forward Exam. Information is just starting to become available. Thankfully, there are many similarities with what we did with Badger last year. Our school Assessment Team will be getting trained next week, and will share pertinent information as we can. You may receive an email from "eDirect" this is the server that we will be using for the Forward Exam.

We will set the times for our building, but the dates have been established by the district for the state. The following is the testing schedule:

April 12 - 3rd Grade ELA - 90 minutes

April 13 - 3rd Grade ELS - 45 minutes

April 14 - 3rd Grade Math 1 & 2 - 100 minutes

April 25 - 4th Grade Social Studies - 80 minutes

April 26 - 4th Grade Science - 100 minutes

May 2- 4th Grade ELA - 95 minutes

May 3 - 4th Grade ELA - 50 minutes

May 9 - 4th Grade Math 1 & 2 - 110 minutes

These times are approximate. We will do our best to accommodate these testing times and to create a testing environment in our building.

Other dates to consider: PALS window for K-2 opens April 25th. Spring MAP window will open May 9th.

Our School Assessment Team will be creating our school plan which will be coordinated with the other elementary buildings. This information is just to keep you posted! More information will follow!

Save the Date: August Sneak Peak

This year all elementary schools will be be conducting Summer Literacy Assessments. Here at Howard, our BLT discussed trying to keep the Sneak Peak Model. More details will be coming out soon...but for now, please save the dates of August 18th and August 23rd for our literacy assessments!

PBIS Check In

THANK YOU to all who participated in the collaboration and creation of our PBIS videos! It sounded like the groups were having fun while creating some great new "cool tools" for the students! Please let Sue know if your group needs more time, and/or if you think you will be able to share at our next whole group meeting.

Literacy Check In

Just a friendly reminder that in March we will be conducting another Running Record Check for our students. Once you have your new levels, please feel free to move your data cards in the large conference room. We will also continue to update our data grid during this time, as well.

Also, we are in the process of showing our Title 1 Involvement for our school. as we go through the process, we may gather additional information from some of your teams. Thank you for your support of our Title 1 programming. Not to mention...a very special shout out to Julie and April for providing outstanding support for our students!

Personalized Learning Check In

We are continuing to hear and see of new and exciting things to help personalize experiences for our students. As a building, I feel like we are having great conversations about this topic. As we start planning for next year, this will be a continued area we will learn, stretch and try new ideas and methods. Thank you for your collaboration and support with personalized learning!

End of an Era

I just wanted to follow up one last time regarding the end of looping. It was with much conversation, thought, and care that the decision to end the first and second grade loop for next year was reached. I am so thankful for the honest conversation and flexibility that many of you have shared with me in this process. The following are the teaching assignments for first and second grade for next year:

First Grade:

Rachel Brandt

Jessica Lallaman

Paula Nachtwey

Second Grade:

Andy Brandt

Crystal Lamers

Nellie Novoselatz

There will be a communication about this included in the next newsletter and specifically being sent to our first grade families. With this change, the "classes" will be divided in a similar process as they have been done with other grade levels. If you have additional questions, please see me. Thank you to those who shared your opinions along the way!