Four O Clocks

One of the kind of a flower

Four o Clocks

They are prettier than rainbow colers. They smell like mint kinda and there stems are big and skinny.

Parts of a plant and its functions.

Roots They go under the ground and they take water from the soli.

Stems When they grow they got the stem to stand up so they don't fall out.

True leaves True leaves are when they get food from the soil.

Seed leaves The seed leave is before the germination.

Petals its the middle of the flower that surrounds the flower.

Stamen the pollen producing part of the flower.

Pistils The ovule producing part of the flower.

Life cycle of the plant

They keep changing into the flower! So they can be nice and pretty.

Stages of the plant

Birth They start off like a tiny seed.

Growth and development The seed cracks open a little.

Reproduction the seed opens completele and it starts very slowly.

Death When they die they drop a seed so another one starts the whole thing over.

What does Photosynthesis?

Photo ( witch means light ) and synthesis means put together.