South korea

BY kinlee. and Trinity

south korea Kinlee Havard

south korea has the perfect view at night with all of the lights

climate By : Trinity Aguilar

Its very humid and wet in the summer time.Its very cold and dry in the winter time
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physical features By:Trinity Aguilar

There are 3 mountains in south korea.There is Seoul tower attracts a lot of people to South Korea and its a tall beautiful place to visit.
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Culture:by Kinlee Harvard

this is one of the waterfalls they have . This one is so beautiful.
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place to visit by Trinity Aguilar

There's all kinds of beautiful places to visit in south korea like Seoul tower, Hallasan and that's just a few places to visit there so many i can't count but come visit south korea.

South Korea flag

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Language By:Trinity Aguilar

They speak Korean .They eat Kimchi,there religion is Buddhism