for darkness shows the stars

by diana peterfruend


FDSTS: is about in the future a generic experiment has gone terrible wrong and which causes a up rise of luddites the one that are rich to ban most of the technology and force the reduced and post reduced to work on there estates technically as slaves. the man who owns the estate has a very sweet daughter named Elliot north. 4 years ago her childhood sweet heart wanted to run away (kai) and left Elliot with a stay on the estate and fufill her duties or to leave and be with him. she choose to be mature and stay on the estate and help run it. well now its for years and kai her childhood sweetheart is back and he has a big secret!! this secret can either save te world or bring it to its knees again.


Elliot north of course if she went on vacation would be kai because there technically dating but there like best friends too. the 2nd thing would be paper so she could write letters to kai even thou they would be together. the last thing would probably be book about tractors because in the begging they would always fix tractors together. which by the way sounds adorable because kai like to fix things up

there is also a second book: across the star swept sea