Beer's Law and experiment

By: Johanna Haugan

Back Ground Information

Beer's Law relates the decreasing of light to the properties of the material through which the light is traveling.

The goal of this lab was to see if the amount of anesthesia given the patient was too much. the lab concluded that the amount given was indeed to much, and is the contributing cause of death.

How to make a % solution

Think of a pie cut into ten slices. One slice of pie is 10% of the whole. Now relating it back to the graduated cylinder put 1mL of the water food coloring solution and add 9mL of plain water to the graduated cylinder. You now have a 10% solution.

to continue on to make a 20% solution put 2mL of the food color solution in to the graduated cylinder and 8 mL of water to it. You have now made a 20% solution.

repeat this process all the way up to 6 mL of the food coloring solution.

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The table shows the increase of absorbance of the percent solutions.