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What's Happening in the Hood?! Vol. 1, No. 2, November 2018

Hello Parksiders!

Welcome to the Parkside Post! This free newsletter has been created by the members of your HOA Board in an effort to enhance communication in the neighborhood. It contains lots of important information like meeting dates/times, event information, and also answers to frequently asked questions! We hope it is helpful and you enjoy it!

Upcoming Meetings & Events

Save the Date!

November 14th - HOA Board Meeting from 6:30pm-8:30pm at the Amenity Center. Hope to see you there! Light snacks and waters will be provided.

Parkside Projects

Ever wonder who's in charge of what?

  • Street Lights that are out - Perdenales Electric Coop
  • Ponds, including fountains and lights - Parkside MUD
  • Storm drains - Parkside MUD
  • Roads - Williamson County
  • Sidewalks - HOA
  • Pools and Facilities - HOA
  • Sprinklers and Landscaping - HOA

Did You Know???

  • The HOA Board of Directors meet every month and you can attend the meetings. Meetings are typically held on Wednesday evenings and alternate between starting at 6:30pm and 7pm. An official email from Spectrum is sent out in advance of each meeting so you can make plans to attend. Come join in and learn about what is happening in your neighborhood. Ask questions, eat snacks, get informed!
  • You can rent the Amenity Center for private parties. The Board has recently adopted a new flat $15 hourly rate with no minimum number of hours. If you'd like to book the Amenity Center, simply go to to reserve your event or click on the button toward the bottom of this newsletter.
  • Ander Mitchell, our community manager holds office hours right here in Parkside for your convenience! He is typically at the Amenity Center at 325 Parkside Parkway on Mondays, Tuesday afternoons, and Fridays. Appointments are preferred and you can set that up by emailing him at
  • It's illegal to park your car over a sidewalk (this includes the end of your driveway) in Texas. Do your part to keep residents safe and on the sidewalks. Don't force them into the grass or onto a busy street.

A MUD Moment...

The MUD taxes have two components: debt service, and operations & maintenance. The debt service portion of the tax is to pay for the original infrastructure that includes water utility facilities, but also wastewater and drainage (including the ponds), and also the masonry subdivision walls and trails. The operations and maintenance portion of the tax covers District operations, including operating the water, wastewater and drainage facilities, maintaining the walls, trails and ponds, paying the electricity for the streetlights, and other operating costs. The District covers 370 acres of land, all of which is referred to as Parkside at Mayfield Ranch.

The District has no plans at this time to issue additional bonds, other than to take advantage of refinancing opportunities in the future. The bonds previously issued by the District will be fully repaid in 2041. Prior to full retirement of the District’s existing bonds, a significant reduction in bond principal is scheduled to occur in 2038 (equal to an estimated 20 cent decrease in the property tax rate, calculated using the 2018 certified tax base). Another significant reduction in bond principal is scheduled to occur in 2040 (equal to an estimated 10 cent decrease in the property tax rate, calculated using the 2018 certified tax base). There should be no need to levy a property tax in support of bonds beginning in 2042, however, the operations & maintenance portion of the tax will continue to be levied. Please note that no assurances can be given that the District’s tax base in future years will be equal to the 2018 certified valuation. Also, keep in mind that the operations and maintenance expense continue indefinitely, even after the bonds are paid off, as the property and infrastructure must be maintained. Also, property values and costs of maintenance and operations cannot be specifically forecast that far into the future.

In short, our MUD tax should remain roughly at the current level for the next 20 years, barring any unforeseen economic changes, at which point the bond repayment portion will begin to be eliminated, leaving the maintenance and operations portions of the tax.


How do I set up an account with Spectrum, our new management company?

Setting up an online account with Spectrum is necessary in order to receive official HOA communication. Click here to get started! If you run into any issues setting up your account OR have set up your account and still aren't receiving emails from Spectrum, please send an email to

What are the rules about holiday decorations and lights?

Lights or decorations may be erected on the exterior of residential units in commemoration or

celebration of publicly observed holidays provided that such lights or decorations do not

unreasonably disturb the peaceful enjoyment of adjacent Owners. All lights and decorations

must not be permanent fixtures of the home without prior written approval of the Parkside at

Mayfield Ranch Reviewer and shall be removed within thirty (30) days after the holiday has

ended. Christmas decorations or lights may not be displayed prior to November 15.

How do I contact the MUD?

There is no specific email for the Parkside MUD. However, two of the HOA Board Members here in Parkside also sit on the Parkside MUD Board. Send your email to

How do violations work anyway?

Receiving a courtesy and/or violation letter can be stressful and unwelcome. Unfortunately they are a necessity in a community as large as Parkside. It is in the best interests of the homeowners here in Parkside to keep the neighborhood looking beautiful and our property values strong. Here is a quick breakdown of how courtesy/violation notices work:

  1. Courtesy Notice: A letter is generated and sent by regular mail. The resident has 10 days to rectify the situation. There is no fine when you receive a courtesy notice.
  2. Warning Notice of Continued Violation: A second letter is generated as a reminder to please correct the problem. Resident has an additional 10 days to comply. There is no fine associated with the 2nd letter.
  3. 3rd Notice: If the problem has not been fixed after the first 20 days, a $50 fine is applied. The resident has 10 days to correct the problem.
  4. 4th Notice: A fine of $75 is applied. The resident has 10 days to correct the problem.
  5. 5th Notice: A fine of $100 is applied. The resident has 10 days to correct the problem.
  6. 6th Notice: A fine of $125 is applied. The resident has 10 days to correct the problem.
  7. Final Notice: A fine of $150 is applied. The resident has 10 days to correct the problem.
  8. After the 7th and final notice, the Board may authorize the account be forwarded to the attorney OR may enter the lot to cure the violation of owners' behalf at the owners' sole cost.

If you have received a letter you don't agree with, simply contact Spectrum and let them know. A lot of times these situations can be worked out with a conversation or email.

Report a Violation

Click here to report a violation. It's anonymous.

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