William Shakespeare

By: Amelia Santigo


Shakespeare was bon april 23, 1564

He die on april 23, 1616


Shakespeare was born in 1564 on April 23rd. The same date that he died. He was baptized on the 26th of April. But was known until the age 18. He was educated at Stratford Grammar School. He had a pretty big family. The first time he saw a play was when he was 4. He didn't understand the words but loved the sound of them and loved the costumes.

He also loved watching his father make gloves. That was one of his jobs later on. His school was very strict. They had very harsh punishments so he had to study a lot.

If you were thinking all this sounds like Shakespeare was a perfect child, once just for fun, Shakespeare and his friends stole deer and rabbits from woods that belonged to Sir Thomas Lucy. That's called poaching. For punishment, Will had to pay a big fine. To get even, he wrote a poem that made fun of Sir Thomas. He nailed this poem on the Lucy estate, and Sir Thomas was red hot mad. Many people laughed and felt sorry for Will.



Dissembling harlot, thou art false in all!

You abilities are too infant-like for doing much alone.

You wear out a good wholesome forenoon in hearing a cause between an orange wife and a fosset-seller.


William Shakespeare had three children. Susanna was born in May 1583, six months after the wedding of her parents Anne Hathaway and William Shakespeare. The baptism of Susanna Shakespeare took place in Stratford Parish Church on May 26th 1583. Two years later in 1585 Anne and William's twins, Hamnet and Judith Shakespeare, were born. The baptism of Hamnet and Judith Shakespeare took place in Stratford Parish Church on February 2nd 1585.The twins were named after two very close friends of William and Anne, the baker Hamnet Sadler and his wife, Judith. These were the three legitimate children of the bard.