James A. Garfield

The 20th U.S. President

Basic Information

  • Part of the Republican party
  • President March 5, 1881 – September 19, 1881
  • Vice President-Chester A. Arthur


  • Born and raised in Ohio
  • Didn't have a dad growing up (he passed away)
  • He was married to Lucretia Rudolph
  • Moved out of town at age sixteen with dreams of becoming a seaman
  • He is the only U.S. president to prove a math theorem


  • Served nine consecutive terms in the House of Representatives
  • Former Lieutenant Colonel in the Union Army
  • Anti-Slavery activist


  • Defeated Ulysses S. Grant for presidency
  • Chinese immigration was a leading issue
  • Snow covered the ground on his inauguration day as many did not show
  • Had to worry about pro-slavery activists
  • Faught for civil rights and universal education
  • Assassinated by Charles J. Guiteau after about six months of being president