Miss Nichols Newsletter

Kindergarten Kiddos

Spring Time

We have been super busy since coming back from Spring Break!

We have been working on showing Miss Nichols and Mrs. Burt what we know for our report card.

This week we have worked on patterns, and writing our number word 1-20.

In reading we are working on ee and that it makes the same sound as a long e sound. We are reading about seeds and plants and answering questions about what we have read or what has been read to us.

In writing we are working on sounding out words, hearing the sounds and being able to write down what we hear. We are also trying to remember to start our sentences with capital letters, ending with punctuation, and leaving a finger space between our words so that they don't run into each other! :)

Next Week!

We will be learning about plants and flowers. We will look at the parts of the plants and flowers, how they grow, and what they need to grow.

We will be reading non-fiction books and answering questions about what we read. We will be working on sight words and knowing them off the top of our head.

In writing we will be working on writing sentences, or writing more sentences. We will focus on making sure we start our sentences with a capital letter and end with punctuation.

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April Birthdays!

April 3- Reese B.

April 10- MRS. BURT

April 26- Reece and Rylee

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Dates To Know

April 1- Report Cards come home

April 4- Spring Pictures

April 22- Southside Talent Show

May 24-Kindergarten Program

May 25- LAST DAY of Kindergarten

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