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November 13th, 2020

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Happy Friday!

Wow, I don't know about you, but the last two weeks have felt like 6 months to me. I know you are all doing the best you can, and have astounded me with your incredible work! I have included some materials that may increase engagement and focus in the classroom. If you would like to see a category of resources featured, please send me an email! I am also available for coaching, listening, lessons and more!

This newsletter will cover:

  • Tier 1: At Home Great Kids
  • Engagement Strategies: Brain Breaks
  • Engagement Strategies: Lunch Bunch
  • Self-Care
  • Teacher Humor

Have a great weekend, you deserve it!

Tier 1: At Home Great Kids

We are continuing a whole-school recognition program where parents can nominate their students for being a “Great Kid” and following the Briarwood Way.

Please feel free to share this information in your newsletters or on your website.

How it works:

· Parents nominate their students for following the Briarwood Way by filling out the form below before Wednesday at 4pm.


· Students will be invited to a special lunch by email.

· All students will receive a printable certificate by email.

· Families are encouraged to print the certificate, snap a photo of the child with the certificate and post it on our Great Kids Padlet.


· This information is shared in the E-News weekly.

Congratulations to the October winners!

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Engagement Strategies: Brain Breaks

Engagement Strategies: Lunch Bunch

Lunch Bunch is a great time to rest and recharge, or socialize and have fun! Lunch Bunch is a great way to connect with your students as a prize or to build connection. Lunch Bunch could be used as a small group , individual or whole group incentive. Belma and I host a Lunch Bunch for 3rd-5th graders during the week, so please feel free to promote that as well! Click here for some ideas for Lunch Bunch fun, and games that can be used during Morning Meeting!

Self-Care For Teachers

Why Teacher Self-Care is the Number One Topic We Should Be Talking About

Podcast focused on teacher self care strategies. You can listen or read the transcript here.

Show Highlights

  • Teacher self-care
  • The impact of COVID and self-care
  • Reducing anxiety during these times
  • Developing personal routines
  • Zoom protocols and etiquette
  • Deep work and creating an end of day checklist
  • Procrastination and self-care
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Teacher Humor

Teachers Missing the School Life Be Like...
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