Mother Teresa

A Famous Activist

Mother Teresa's Famous Quote

"Keep the joy of loving the poor and share this joy with all you meet. Remember works of love are works of Peace. God Bless you."


- She was born on August 26 1910 in Macedonia.

- When she was born she was named Agnes.

- She was baptised on August 27 1910.

- She was the youngest of three children.

- In her teens she became a member of a local youth group called Sodality.

- Through her involvments she became intrested in missionaries.

- At the age 17 she became a nun.

- She joined The Sisters of Loretto who were known for their Indian missionary work.

- When she said her vows for The Sister of Loretto she gave herself a new name. She named herself Teresa- named after Saint Therese of Lisieux.

Causes and Methods

Mother Teresa served the "poorest of the poor". Her missionary charity grew from 12 to thousands of people with 450 centres around the world. Mother Teresa made homes for the dying and ill. She comforted the poor and the unwanted around the world. Mother Teresa started up a school in the slums to teach poor children. She learnt basic medicine skills and entered the homes of the sick to treat them. Her motto was "fight abortion by adoption and care for the mother". She launched this motto and now her Missionaries of Charity use it to stop the abortion in some of the most affected countries. Mother Teresa was the voice of the poor, she was like the mother of all of them.


  • Mother Teresa was very Catholic
  • She was a great worshiper of Mary
  • She believed all man kind are children of god
  • She believed no matter our colour, religion or nationality should come between one another. We should all get along.


  • In 1979 she was awarded with a Nobel Peace Prize.
  • From President Reagan she was awarded with honour the Medal of Freedom award.
  • She received the "warmest ovation of the United Nation's 40th anniversary celebration."

Mother Teresa's Baptism

Saturday, Aug. 27th 1910 at 12:30pm


To witness Agnes/Mother Teresa's baptism. To witness the first day of her giving her heart to God.

My Opinion

Mother Teresa was an amazing person who was very inspiring. She had very good methods and ways of helping the sick, dying and poor people. She was charitable, received donations and she had a person in charge of recording donations and write the thank-you letters. The money arrived at a fast speed. She wrote receipts for checks of $50,000 and more on a regular basis. She was a great activist.