#MichED & #MASSPchat Are Combining

Wednesday, 3/19, 8 p.m.

Topic: Shared Issues of Teachers & Administrators

Join us for a combined Twitter chat with the #MichED and #MASSPchat communities.

With guest moderator Wendy Zdeb, from MASSP.

Questions to be considered:

Q1: How can we be creative and innovative with time? Time for personal learning, time for projects, time for collaboration, time for PD.

Q2: Tell us about any new staff initiatives this year that have been successful.

Q3: Do you have any new student initiatives at your school that have been well received?

Q4: How is new technology improving instruction at your school?

Q5: What can we do when leadership learning seems to be lagging behind teacher learning and vice versa?

Q6: How do you address teacher evaluation from a position of “let’s get better together” and not “this is what’s wrong with your teaching?”

Q7: What can teachers and admin do to support each other and promote a positive school culture?

The #MichED Chat Team